Fundraising: As your next CRP Treasurer, I will implement a modern small-donor program to help us compete in today’s political landscape in California. With their Act Blue program, Democrats have out-raised us. Why? Because their leadership has been committed to small-donor fundraising while ours has been focused mostly on huge donations from mega-donors. The Democrats have cultivated an enormous list of small-dollar donors and have committed the money and the time to make their small-donor program work. It has been said many times that money is the mother’s milk of politics. Small-donor contributions are the most nutritious kind of political milk. Unlike mega-donor contributions, small-dollar contributions can be used any time for voter registration, for federal candidate support, and for any political purpose whatsoever. Federal election laws place severe restrictions on corporate and mega-donor dollars- not so with the small donations from individual supporters. The other fantastic thing about small-donors is that they equate to voters. When we have individuals committing to donating even in the smallest of amounts, we can be confident that we can turn them out to vote for our Republican candidates. We already have the technology set up to attract regular small-donor contributions through our web site which is accessible through both desktop computers and via our smart phones. What we need now is the leadership and the commitment. As your next CRP Treasurer, you can count on me to engage grass roots donors in a way that has never been done in California but needs to start immediately. Serving as CRP Treasurer is serious business.